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Our California legal document preparers at Essence Document Services provide online and in-person legal document preparation services to self-represented individuals and pro se litigants anywhere in California. We can help with California legal document preparation and California court forms preparation in almost any uncontested legal matter, including family matters, real estate, probate, business formation, and even small claims actions in the entire State of California. We guarantee that every California legal document or California legal form will be prepared for court and filed accurately according to the procedure. Don’t risk having your document preparation rejected by the court. Hire a California legal document assistant to assist you today!

Whether you’re looking to set up an LLC, prepare or respond to divorce papers, probate a small estate summary administration, needing estate planning documents including last will and testament, power of attorney, and health care directives, wanting to adopt a family member, dealing with an eviction or a small claims matter, been served with a summons, or need help with any other Superior Court forms, our California legal document preparers are here to help.


Family Law

In family law it’s not a one size fits all matter, Essence Document Services, Inc. removes the complexity that is associated with the process by assisting in the preparation of legal document forms and court filing. 

Divorce (Petition/Response)
Legal Separation (Petition/Response)
Child Custody 
Child Visits
Child Support
Spousal Support
Modification to Orders
Paternity (Petition/Response)
Stipulation and Order
Marital Settlement Agreement
Request for Order
Child Support Guidelines
Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO – Pension Divisions)
Domestic Partner Agreement
Interspousal Transfer Deed
Settlement Agreements 
Order to Show Cause
Name Change -Adult
Guardianship of a Minor
Notice of Motion
Wage Garnishment
Visitation Rights of Grandparents
Authorization Forms
Name Change
Domestic Partnership Agreement
Prenuptial Agreement
Postnuptial Agreement
Family Law Matters
Emancipation of Minor

Wills, Trust, & Probate

Estate Planning is about maintaining control over all of your assets, belongings, financial decisions, medical care, who will have legal custody of your minor children or disabled children, decisions you want to make in the event of a disability, end-of-life issues, and/or death.  Properly structured, an estate plan will also minimize expenses and delays, such as those associated with the probate process

Living Trust Single
Living Trust Joint
Trust Amendments
Pet Trust (when added to regular Trust)
Special Needs Trust
Wills & Codicil (Will Amendment)
Power of Attorney
Advance Health Care Directive
Affidavit of Death
Heggstad Petition
Quit Claim Deed
Grant Deed
Trust Transfer Deeds

Business Services

When creating a business in California one of the biggest considerations you must make is deciding which business formation is best suited to meet your business entrepreneurship. Various considering factors must be weighed out to ensure which is the appropriate business formation.  We at Essence Document Services, Inc. assist in making your dream business a reality. Once you have decided which business structure you would like to create we assist in the formation of that business.

Fictitious business name also referred as Doing Business As abbreviated as DBA
Sole Proprietor
General Partnership
Joint Venture
Limited Liability Partnership abbreviated as LLP
Limited Liability Company abbreviated as LLC
Business Corporations abbreviated as Inc. Corps. Co. etc.
Professional Corporations
Non Profit Corporations
Business Plan
EIN Filing
TIN Filing
Business Contracts
Partnership Agreements
Reserve Corporate Name
Service Mark
Articles of Incorporation
Corporate Bylaw
Non Disclosure Agreements
General Liability Waiver
General Release of Liability
Statement of Officers of State
Lease Agreement (Residential/Private)
Lease Agreement (Corporate/Business)
Operating Agreements
Mechanic’s Lien
Dissolution of Corporation
Notice of Withdrawal from Partnership
Business Filings

Civil & Other Services

Legal disputes that do not involve a criminal prosecution are described as civil litigation. A civil action is initiated by one person against another, before an administrative body or a court, for the declaration, enforcement or protection of a right, or the redress or prevention of a wrong. Essence Document Services, Inc. can assist you with a variety of civil matter. 

Small Claims Matters
Legal Name Change
Eviction Services (Landlords)
Notary Public
Process Serving
Promissory Note
Deed of Trust
Typing Services
Paralegal Services (For Attorneys)
Civil Restraining Orders
Writ of Execution
Case Completion
Social Security Disability (Apply/Appeal)
Unemployment Benefits (Apply/Appeal)

Mobile Notary Public

A Notary Public is a commissioned officer of integrity appointed by the state government, such a secretary of state, to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents. These official acts are called notarizations, or notarial acts.
As official representatives of the state, Notaries Public certifies the proper execution of many of the life-changing documents of private citizens —notarial acts include acknowledgments, affirmations, jurats, copy certifications, witnessing signatures and administering oaths, or perform the multitude of other activities that enable our civil society to function. Our fee per notarized signature is $15, this does not include travel fee (if applicable).

Documents we serve include, but are not limited to:
Prenuptial Agreements
Durable Power of Attorney
Healthcare Directives
Quitclaim Deed
Deed of Trust
Minor Travel Consent form
Sworn Statement
Release and Waiver
Rental Agreement
Compliance Agreement
Name Affidavit
Spousal Waiver
Student Enrollment Verification
Plea Form
Affidavit of Forgery
Certification of Birth Certificate
Student Enrollment Verification
Resignation of Trustee
Custody Agreements
Unclaimed PropertyForm
Certified copy
Living Trust
Bill of Sale
Covenant and Agreement
And More!

California Process Server

Essence Document Services, Inc. agent’s are Experienced, Licensed, and Bonded California Process Servicer’s which offers same-day, next-day, standard routine or weekend services for all legal documents in Los Angeles County and surrounding counties.

Documents we serve include, but are not limited to:

Divorce Petitions
Discovery Documents
Small Claims
Unlawful Detainers
Orders to Appear
Freezing Orders
Wage Garnishments
Landlord/Tenant Notices
Eviction Notice
Legal Notice
Court Filings
Writ of Execution
Private Cease & Desist Notices
Family Law
Probate Matters
Cross Complaints
Surveillance Stakeouts
Special Investigations

We also offer to file the proof of service in court (for an additional fee).

Freelance Paralegal

A California paralegal is also known as a legal assistant who is qualified by education and/or training to assist attorney’s in providing legal services. Paralegals are prohibited to work for consumers independently. As a certified freelance paralegal, Carla’s experience and knowledge is available to attorneys who are in need of contract hourly, per assignment and long term paralegal services.
Services include but are not limited to:
Intake of Potential Clients
Pre-litigation proceedings
Litigation proceedings
Preparation of complaint packages
Propounded discovery
Response to discovery
Special Interrogatories
Request for admission
Drafting Legal Documents
Draft Pleadings
Draft Correspondence
Production of Documents
Review all discovery documents
Redact Documents
Wage loss Records
Education loss Records
Bate Stamp Documents
Develop privilege logs
Prepare Subpoenas for Defendants, non-party witnesses, consumers, businesses, employment records, medical records, police records, cell phone records, psychological/therapist, insurance, educational and more.
Preparation of Deposition Binders
Draft all Deposition Notices
Schedule Depositions
Locate Witnesses
Witness Declarations
Calendaring Deadlines
Mediation Preparation
Mediation Briefs
Arbitration Preparation
Preparation of Hearing binders
E-filing State/Federal
Legal Research
Schedule Depositions/Transcript Execution
Summarize Depositions
Schedule Court Reporters and Interpreters
Schedule Medical Examinations
Gather all material to send to expert witness
Prepare all indexes
Schedule Expert Witnesses
Preparation of Mediation Binders
Coordinate witnesses appearance and travel
Preparation of Trial binders
Jury Instructions
Exhibit List
Trial Exhibit
Trial Notebook
Trial Witness Subpoenas
Class Action Lawsuit experience
Projects as assigned

Carla Vasquez, LDA, Notary Public and Process Server

Carla Vasquez began her interest in the legal field when she began working towards her Associate and Bachelor’s Degree of Science, emphasis in Criminal Justice, graduating class of 2011. The in-depth overview of the Justice system sparked her interest in continuing her education and obtaining her Paralegal Certificate in 2015. Carla worked for some of the most prominent employment law companies in Los Angeles as a litigation paralegal. That is where she gained knowledge and experience in the legal field, working alongside some of the most experienced and knowledgeable trial attorneys to litigate plaintiff’s cases from the commencement of the initial consultation up to trial.

Carla’s passion has grown substantially to help people and the public. Her passion has led her to obtain a bond and registration from the State of California as a Legal Document Assistant in 2021 and ventured out as a small business entrepreneur and owner of Essence Document Services, Inc. Carla’s long-term goal is to attend law school and become an attorney, looking forward to opening and operating her own law firm while advocating for plaintiff’s rights.

Having worked in the legal field, Carla recognized how tedious it is to fill out every court document precisely and every legal document accurately. At Essence Document Services, we understand how frustrating things can get when you are looking for help, have purchased self-help books, and have invested a great amount of research time only to get more confusion added to the stress. Our attention to detail and passion in the process of assisting you in whatever legal issue you are facing sets us apart from the rest. Essence Document Services is a family-owned business that prioritizes our client’s needs and works diligently to provide exceptional work.

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An LDA is an experienced professional who is registered and bonded with the State of California, under a California Law known as SB1418, which authorizes non-lawyers to assist the public in preparing legal documents. In the past, individuals who assisted the public in preparing legal documents were permitted to call themselves independent paralegals. As of January 1, 2000, business and professional code section 6450 re-defined the term “paralegal” to be those individuals working for and under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Excluded from that definition are LDA’s. LDA’s are prohibited from calling themselves paralegals.

An LDA is authorized to prepare legal documents for those “self-help” clients also known as “In Pro Per” , which refers to a situation where a litigant (a person involved in a lawsuit) represents themselves in court without a lawyer.

At your direction, LDA’s can complete the preparation of court forms and can file them in court for you. LDA’s may also serve them on the appropriate parties. LDA’s can supply you with books, and publications authored, written, or approved by attorneys, which you may use to help you with your matter.


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